AFGM x Hertslet & Co.

Commissioned by Hertslet & Co. Bespoke Clothier, the #AFewGoodMenSG project was inspired and born from the desire to document the process of producing a bespoke garment. A few gentlemen from diverse backgrounds, from students to graffiti writers, musicians, models and artistes was gathered to get fitted by the bespoke menswear consultants, Cai Foong and Ramon Hertslet. The series of portraitures was set up a week after that, along with the creative directions of Ramon, photographed by Principal Photographer, Cino Chee.

We are thankful for this opportunity to document and advocate for men who gave a damn on how they look. Extremely proud of how the photos turned out, it somehow reminds us of the 2013 movie, Gangster Squad.


Russell is 19 years old. A year 2 student at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), he also handles productions and gigs for bands. 

I did an eminent takeover #urbanisme that had 100 bands involved. That had some publicity.

In numerous collectives aimed at providing platforms for local musicians to showcase and explore artistic potential within the region since 2010 till date, this is one individual that supports and knows local music like the back of his hand. Can we get an amen people?


Graduated in interactive media design, Aiz has so many skill sets that it would be challenging for a 'summary'.


Outliers Clothing was officially launched in June 2013 - His first collection sold out. Nuff' said. He muses that although recently launched, he had already began to toy around with the idea of a clothing line that represents what he stands for, even since his poly days. He lists the typical Outlier's customers as those that have the "Never say die" attitude and those that "Rise above challenges." Only available online, and shipped worldwide, you can purchase em' now at www.outliersclothing.bigcartel.com


His works are seen not only locally but also worldwide, such as London, Munich, Melbourne & most recently, Vietnam.


Aiz also belongs to a collection of individuals, known as Magic Potion, which are talented in their own art forms such as video recording, photography, music, branding, design/illustration as well as - you guessed it - graffiti design. 

Because there is healthy competition in the group, they always spur me on to take it up a notch.

For enquiries on their services – drop em’ a mail at


Previously an editor at Spin Magazine, an avid read for cyclists, and currently in videography:

"It isn't about the subject. It's about being abled to tell a story. It's about the journey, as today's victory, is not tomorrow's." he explains.


The name of the band that he plays for. Part of the founding members, the year is 2007, the place is at Monash University, together with band members, Vincent & Shahwan, they're aim is to bring music to a music-less campus.

"Freeloaders Inc. started out playing at the campus cafeteria for loose change basically. We don't care what people think. (laugh) That's the biggest leveler because the people were out there to eat. But if we could just get one person, just one person, to drop a coin, that would be so worth it. We're not in it for fame and fortune."

He lists impromptu moments, when hearing tracks coming from the band itself, playing on the airwaves and coming out tops at Battle of the bands 2009, as his best achievements in Freeloaders Inc.

Music is my first love. Imagine by just vibrations in the air, you can evoke such emotions and vivid thoughts.

Brandon Ralph, NAVY OFFICER

Graduating with Mass Communication from Ngee Ann Poly, modelling part-time and currently with the Singapore Navy. To Brandon, media has been a platform for his thoughts, modelling is all about fun with the camera and being in the Navy is a childhood dream came true.

I’m a risk taker— I’d like to live dangerously and I’m straight-forward. If I say I’d do something? I’d do it. If you like to do something? Fuck it, just do it.

An ambassador to Hertslet & Co. and part of the #AFewGoodMenSG brotherhood, Brandon also sings competitively and latin dances in ballroom, representing Singapore on occasion.


"From being a consultant to a co-partner and shareholder of Hertslet & Co. Bespoke - My responsibilities and undertakings may have changed but one thing is for certain. Never has there been a day on the job or for the matter of fact, since the day I stumbled upon the world of menswear, that I have ever stopped loving what I do, even for a second. The passion burns as strong, if not stronger than before.

Being different yet complimentary at the same time in terms of the way we dress is a juxtaposition of Hertslet & Co's brand philosophy of being "Cut from a different cloth". 

While I am trained in and prefer the simplicity of classic menswear, my partner is the creative tour-de-force driving the brand with different ideas and interpretations of what style means to each individual."


My vision for Hertslet & Co. at the end of the day is for the brand to grow and develop to such a stage whereby it becomes iconic in its own right, a la Tom Ford. 

The brand is not to be recognized by the people behind it or the label it adorns, but the product itself becomes an icon that it is instantly recognizable by connoisseurs and aficionados alike.

ramon hertslet, founder

I dream about clothing that is everything but a brand.

“Clothing that glorifies and humbles its wearer. Clothing thats woven and constructed to your needs, whims, fancies & lifestyles, and none other is the same. This "brand" will grow on these virtues.

Wearing this clothes will signify your progression, benchmark your success, celebrate fine living & works that I will be truly proud of because it celebrates the best thing of all, you.” -2012


“I have always said no one can be higher than the brand's values - not even myself. It's to provide the best fabrics, the best selections, the best fit, the best service - Hertslet & Co. Bespoke as long as it stands will continue to be the best bespoke clothing Singapore can offer - and always - always without a price tag that scares 3/4 populations back to off-the-peg, or what I call them - dead garments. Of course factors like inflations, raw materials hikes etc is gonna play a part, but I have set the margins in stone - to be realistic, win-win.” 


“A week to custom create, fit this amount of tailored garments, at such scale, with an amount of hand work, well, perhaps is a little ambitious. But Hertslet & Co. is the product of dreams, dreams and guts. Glory is secondary. 6 days of crazy working hours, factory sofa and A LOT of coffee. 'Twas was such a visual feast to see clothing, I’m proud to call “their own.”

Great drinks, Cuban cigars, jokes in the company of both old and new friends. It was truly a pleasure.