Play Me, I'm Yours

Touring internationally since 2008, Play Me, I’m Yours is an artwork by artist Luke Jerram. More than 1500 pianos have now been installed in 50 cities across the globe, from London to Lima, bearing the simple invitation Play Me, I’m Yours. The project has reached more than ten million people worldwide.

The Playtent & Singapore International Foundation present Play Me, I’m Yours in Singapore with the pianos available to play until Mid May 2016. A total of 25 donated pianos, decorated by 25 local artists working with 25 different Social Welfare Organisations were located in parks, housing estates and public spaces for all to play and enjoy.

This initiative aims to increase public awareness for SWOs in Singapore as well as to bond people through arts and music.

When Playtent approached us, we really liked the idea of this international initiative. It was meaningful and interesting. Hence, we decided to play a part and help tell the story of one of the SWOs who are participating in this initiative - Dignity Kitchen.