Makeover Magic by Shunji Matsuo

Celebrity hair stylist Shunji Matsuo and his hair salons under the Shunji Matsuo group need no introduction. On August 2017, we were invited to do a photoshoot for their Makeover Magic Fashion Show at Japan Beautiful Life - Singapore's first Japanese Lifestyle Expo.

Mr. Matsuo had always wanted to contribute back to the society. He felt that there is beauty in everyone and beauty knows no age and style. In 2011, he wanted to celebrate the beauty of aging for elderly women and women who are battling with cancer. He wanted them to feel confident again by creating exquisite looks that suit their style and have them sashay down the runway. That's how Makeover Magic came about and it became his life’s work. 

At the Japanese Lifestyle Expo event, we set up a photoshoot area behind the stage so that the models could have their portraitures taken. We decided that the photoshoot would simply be to bring out their natural selves. To our surprise, magic really existed in this event! Carefreeness and confidence were written all over these warriors' faces after the show. 

This meaningful event has inspired us as much as the late Mr. Matsuo has inspired many others to live their lives with positivity and happiness.

We hope you will enjoy the series of images below!

Do have a look at what went on behind the scenes!

Kate Tokyo - No more rules

KATE Tokyo launched a new series of makeup products named "No more rules". The main highlight was the KATE Super Sharp Liner Ex, which is an eyeliner made in collaboration with Pentel Singapore.

We did a series of videos with 5 local Makeup Artists to showcase the new range of products such as KATE Tokyo's eyeshadow palettes, mascara, lip gloss and their eyeliner. The MUAs demonstrated how to use the products to create 5 different looks - Modern, Elegant, Rock, Chic and Cute.

Take a look at the videos done below!

Infiniti Special X-Edition

Setting up a photoshoot at a workshop territory can be hazardous as the floor is slippery and the space is often limited. When shooting at Wearnes Company, we had to be more careful with our equipments as the last thing we would want was for our lights or light stand to drop on the vehicles. Moreover, we were surrounded by luxurious automobiles such as Bentley, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Land Rover and more. 

Despite the unfavourable situation, we had to make do with what we have. The task was to shoot the newest sports range of Infiniti cars - Q30 and Q50.

Below is the final image and a short video of our setting up process.

Photography by 50nFifty Productions

Here is the timelapse of the setup

IMH Jingle Bell Rock 2016

This is the season to be jolly. What better way to 'rock' it off than a Christmas Carol. We are grateful of the opportunity to work with the staff from IMHto usher in the festive season with a music video of "Jingle Bells". Not only are the staff compassionate, helping the most needy and vulnerable social sphere, they are also natural-born theatrical actors. Under the spotlight, they performed an catchy and upbeat version of "Jingle Bells".

Merry Christmas everybody, rock on!