Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll

It started off with a very simple idea: Rock & Roll.

When you have an adventurous couple that delves into the alternative, you get bold and let your creativity run wild. Alfredo and Tracy are a couple with an attitude and edgy wardrobes to match. They wanted a photoshoot that spoke of their lifestyles, who they are as a couple and as individuals.

Taking into consideration that the couple are more daring than most, we proposed the concept: Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll.

They liked the contrast of glamour vs grunge and didn’t want a typical wedding backdrop. We simply could not wait to get started. With our creative juices flowing, we came up with many ideas. We started working on the moodboard, scouting locations and lastly, showing them the mock up work that we did at the selected locations and… they loved it!

As these images will be shown during their wedding day, we reduced the intensity and raunchiness of their poses, while keeping in mind the impact we intended to create.

The couple was such a pleasure to work with. Not only were they sporting enough to try out risqué poses, they also did not mind the stuffy, non-air conditioned locations. They were even fine with the insects! We are extremely grateful to work with such wonderful, spontaneous clients and that is why we love doing what we do.


If you would like to see how the shoot went down, here are the behind-the-scenes footages:

Photographer: Cino Chee
Hair & Makeup: Tangyong Hair & Makeup Artist
Assistant: Shilton Tan, Calvin Ho
BTS Video by: Kedy Lim