Actual Wedding Day

Kyle & Kelly

3 years ago, we had the privilege to document Lincoln and Lixia's wedding. Fast forward to today, we were honoured to witness and cover Lincoln's sister, Kelly's big day. 

Though Kyle the groom is from the United States, he and his spontaneous family and friends experienced what most Asian guys go through on their wedding day - gatecrashing. 

Here, they took on challenges like consuming wasabi, bursting balloons with robustness using body parts, shaking sticky notes off their bodies and guessing who's behind the half-raised curtains. The penalty imposed for each incomplete challenge was push-ups. Kyle sang a mandarin song, 月亮代表我的心 by Teresa Teng, before making his way up to the bride's room. It was such a heartwarming scene!

Though Kyle and Kelly were already officially married in the United States, they chose to do it again in Singapore, in the 175-year-old neoclassical building, Chijmes. 

Their uncle, James, was the justice of the peace. Kyle and Kelly's friends gave heartfelt speeches about the couple that lovely night. The lovebirds did the first dance which brought forth jubilant cheers and tears.

Wishing this fantastic pair a lifetime of adventure, love and happiness!

P.S: We tried using film camera to capture their wedding as well. We like to experiment, you see. Enjoy the images!

Hon + Elaine

Hon, a man of few words but also spontaneous at times. You will see that later in the images. (And yes, Hon is the groom's name and that is how we address him).

Elaine, a lady who is energized by being around other people and also have a very sentimental family. When they are together, they gel so well.

Hon actually wanted to just pay the bridesmaids for the penalty fee of the gatecrashing games because him and his groomsmen are too mature (in age) for the silly and crazy games. Nevertheless, they participated in the games as they had no other choice.

Though their wedding was sweet and simple, they chose a clubbing song and danced in for the 2nd march-in at Singapore Marriot Tang Plaza Hotel! They were very thoughtful for their guests and especially their close friends such that after the wedding, they even hired a coach to fetch their friends to another location for an intimate after-party.

Andrew + Shaan


Love knows no distance. It isn't everyday that we hear of a successful Long Distance relationship. Yet, Andrew and Shaan managed to prevail all the obstacles and challenges, and bridge the many thousand miles that stand between them initially. Today, they are closer than ever, as Husband and Wife. 

But having their families on separate continent isn't very convenient. The couple first held an intimate reception in America. Being back in Singapore, where Shaan was born and raised, the couple held another reception to commemorate this milestone with Shaan's family and friends. This was also a perfect opportunity for a reunion for all their relatives and friends around the region. 

The wedding was a cultural immersion for Andrew and his family. Keeping to Shaan's North Indian traditions, the Vivaah Sanskar was a visual extravagance of vibrant colours. The ladies had elegant and intricate henna designs (Mahendi) embroidered onto their skins. It was the first time Andrew and his Father donned a turban to compliment the Pathani suit they were wearing. Though it was the first time for Andrew, families and friends experiencing the Hindu's tradition, they seemed to enjoy every moment of it.

The wedding ended with a cozy dinner banquet at Four Seasons Hotel. It was a jocular yet emotional evening, with heartfelt gratitude to their parents and well-wishes from their friends streaming from all over the globe. The dinner ended at the dance floor, and the DJ spinning Bollywood hits. Everyone, those young and those young-at-heart, partying like they do in Mumbai. It was definitely a joyous night for everyone.

Julian + Eileen

Julian first laid his eyes on her since Eileen joined the Clinical Laboratory in KK Hospital. And that was about 5 years ago. What Eileen admires most about Julian is that he constantly cooks for her and her family. Not only that, Eileen's family has already taken Julian as if he is their own son. And now, it has become a reality.

During the wee hours of the morning, Eileen already had her make up done while her bridesmaids are busy preparing the "breakfast" for the groom and his groomsmen. When it came down to it, the groomsmen were pretty spontaneous and also predicted that there was bound to be a dance involving the latest online video sensation, PPAP (Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen), hence, they came prepared with sunglasses just for that.

Though their schedule was tight and hectic, everything seemed to fall in place and they had a beautiful luncheon at the Sheraton Towers.

Ken + Lishan

We shot their wedding portraiture in Australia and from there, we learnt of Ken and Lishan's love story during their overseas studies in Brisbane, University of Queensland. However, we couldn't come to a final decision on what we should capture for their video as we also knew that they were very close to their friends. Therefore, we met up the bridesmaids and groomsmen which also happened to be their closest friends. What's more, all of them knew each other and some of them are even friends in Australia.

Sure enough, talking to them altered our perspective on how we would like to film their wedding. Without further explanation, let's let the video do the talking instead.

And here are the photographs

Waitat + Felicia

Waitat and Felicia has known each other for more than 10 years. Their enduring relationship began back in their secondary school days, he was her senior of 3 years. Being the school's belle, Waitat swooned over Felicia silently.

In the subsequent years, they remained as acquaintance. But Waitat remained secretly attracted to Felicia, and he never gave up hope of one day becoming her significant other. Surprisingly, it was during his Army days that they reconnected years after graduating from school. Amidst all the exhausting and stressful training, Waitat continued to woo Felicia with effort and determination. Seeing his unwavering love and support, she finally accepted him to be her boyfriend.

Fast forward to present day, they are officially Husband and Wife. Being proactive in the wedding preparations, Felicia planned the layout of the table and decor of the ballroom. Together with her sister, they painstakingly crafted the petal carpet used for the march in. Her efforts paid off as the carpet seamed perfectly with the decor, and became the centrepiece of interior.

To find a lifetime partner whom can complement each other is not an easy task, Waitat and Felicia are blessed to have found each other.

Sathiya + Radha

Sathiya and Radha had known each other for about 3 years. The parents introduced both of them to each other and they fell in love over time.

Both of them have common interests. One of them was dancing and also, spending a long time in the toilet. Haha who would have known that was a common interest! 

Anyway, here's wishing this stunning pair a blissful marriage ahead and many more quirky common interests along the way!

Sathiya, born in Brunei but lived in bustling city, Singapore. After he graduated and worked in Sydney, Australia, for 6 years, he decided to move back to Singapore as he wanted to spend time with his family.

One thing that left a deep impression on me was Sath's Australian accent. 
He is a chill guy with a witty sense of humour that could easily liven up any party, though he would have to spend quite some time in the toilet to groom himself first. He is not narcissistic but just has his OCD tendencies. Speaking of OCD, he even had to screen through his friends' and families' speeches before allowing them to deliver the speech haha!

Wishing you a blessed marriage with Radha and stay dapper dude!

Radha, a lady of few words. Do not be deceived by her demure look and petite frame. She has a vast experience in Bharata Natyam, also known as the Indian classical dance. She started dancing since she was 3 years old and is still dancing till this very day. She and her 2 other sisters dance together and are known as the Nadarajan Sisters. Once, they were required to dance for 5 hours non-stop before they could graduate and perform professionally. That itself speaks volumes about their love for dancing.

Thank you for teaching me more about your dance culture and also for letting me have the honor of watching you ladies perform!

Melvin + Ivy

When we first met with Melvin and Ivy, they shared with us briefly on how they've started dating, albeit with a hint of reluctance. They were convinced that their story wasn't eventful or 'interesting' enough but that is not true, at least for us. Melvin is a guy who was sensitive to Ivy's needs and he really came through for her when she met with an accident just a few days before the wedding. It was a timely reminder of how important they are to each other.

At 50nfifty, we are far less about the wedding details and we would like to remove the paradigm that everything needs to be filmed on the wedding day.

The storytelling process starts with the people. Who they are, what they are about, and what makes them different deserves as much attention as the actual wedding events.


Dennis + Melissa

Dennis + Melissa

This couple left quite a deep impression on us. Dennis is a man of few words but as he warms up to us, he showed us a different side of himself and definitely has a funny bone in him when he sportingly plays along in the myriad of silly bridal games. In Melissa, we see a poised lady decked in her beautiful custom gown but it dawned out on us that she is a very hospitable host and attentive lady as well.


Avinesh + Divya

For 2 consecutive days, Avinesh & Divya their wedding at Gardens by the Bay. The first day was filled with fun activities for their guests and the second day was a intimate outdoor gathering for their guests. The fireworks was specially intended by the couple for their guests. We hope you enjoy the video.

Decoration: Pandora 2morrow Wedding and Event planners

Alex + Candice

Alex + Candice

What do you get when a Hippo meets a T-Rex? A happy ever after!

The quirky definition of Alexander & Candice’s relationship never fails to tug at our heartstrings. It’s true how fate does wonders at stringing two very contrasting individuals — an enfp & infp — together, they would never have met if not for the people they know and love.