An Ode to Love

Jeremiah (also known as Awkward Ah Seng) and Wendy first came to us with ideas for their engagement shoot: some weird, some quirky but definitely plenty of fun. That pretty much sums up how they're like as a couple.


Among some of the ideas that was being tossed around was Zombie Apocalypse, Wong Kar-wai’s In The Mood for Love (2000). Wong Kar Wai’s critically acclaimed film had hit home; we adored Christopher Doyle’s (Cinematographer) work and the couple’s church solemnisation happened to fit the theme like a glove. We were conscious to thread carefully and not get too ahead of ourselves, if wrongly executed, the results could have been disastrous (read: tacky). This was no ordinary shoot.

In the planning stages, we scouted a few locations and came up with different mood boards portraying the looks that were suitable for this shoot. Heck, we even roped in a gaffer to help us with the on set lighting. The end results blew us away, it is perhaps fitting that the photos are a departure from our usual processed style; beauty is in imperfection itself.

Photographer: Cino Chee
Gaffer: Kang Sheng
Hair & Makeup: Aileen Wang
Assistant: Gabby Ann, Lawrence Siow

Lawrence and Cino from 50nfifty are passionate people. My partner and I could tell the moment we met them. The amount of research they put into our wedding shoot and finding a location that would fit our theme of “In the mood for love”, surprised both my partner and I. We were blown away by the amount of dedication and time they placed into the shoot, and we could definitely tell that they spared no effort in giving us a fantastic time.

Pictures came out, and we were blown away once again. We shared the photos with friends and family, and they were just all mind blasted. The pair which makes up 50nfifty, Lawrence and Cino, can be depended on to give a photo shoot experience that will not disappoint. From pre-production, to the actual shoot day, all the way to post-photography, they definitely delivered more than we could ask for, AND even more after. They thrive on a challenge, and I’m glad they were able to accomplish my challenge to them.
— Jeremiah