Danny + Hilary

As avid fans of Moonrise Kingdom and Fantastic Mr. Fox, Danny and Hilary had an unique concept in mind for their pre-wedding portraiture: they wanted their pictures to have the director's film vibes. 

Wes Anderson with his distinctive visual style was a tough act to follow. Initially, it was rather daunting – the thought of it turning out a kitsch – but nevertheless, we took up the challenge anyway. We began pre-production early and researched extensively on Wes Anderson's symmetrical compositions and limited colour-palette. We were also careful to place as much attention into scouting suitable locations and coordinating wardrobe with the couple as well.

Thankfully, everything clicked in place and even their goldie managed to sneak in for a cameo!

Gown: Jessicacindy
Hairdo and Makeup: Marie Soh from 27A