Lincoln + Lixia

Congratulations to the lovely pair, the double Ls on their big day. Our favourite couple for sure, there was never a dull moment with them.

Although their bridal games was mild but Lincoln still has to work for it to get through the gates!

Venue: Orchard Hotel
Photographer: Cino Chee

My husband and I couldn’t had made a better choice. After reviewing close to 20 over vendors, we finally decided to choose these guys to capture our special day! When the big day came, we realised that they were indeed God-sent. They are not only professional and artistic, they are so polite! We have encountered several weddings and their photogs are so aggressive in handling the ‘not-so-special’ people. Overall, they captured the best moments of our wedding, the best part is, for the most of it, we didn’t even realise they were around. If you are looking for sophistication, elegance and tasteful work, I recommend these guys. Truly artistic professionals. True pros! - Lincoln & Lixia