Sathiya + Radha

Sathiya and Radha had known each other for about 3 years. The parents introduced both of them to each other and they fell in love over time.

Both of them have common interests. One of them was dancing and also, spending a long time in the toilet. Haha who would have known that was a common interest! 

Anyway, here's wishing this stunning pair a blissful marriage ahead and many more quirky common interests along the way!

Sathiya, born in Brunei but lived in bustling city, Singapore. After he graduated and worked in Sydney, Australia, for 6 years, he decided to move back to Singapore as he wanted to spend time with his family.

One thing that left a deep impression on me was Sath's Australian accent. 
He is a chill guy with a witty sense of humour that could easily liven up any party, though he would have to spend quite some time in the toilet to groom himself first. He is not narcissistic but just has his OCD tendencies. Speaking of OCD, he even had to screen through his friends' and families' speeches before allowing them to deliver the speech haha!

Wishing you a blessed marriage with Radha and stay dapper dude!

Radha, a lady of few words. Do not be deceived by her demure look and petite frame. She has a vast experience in Bharata Natyam, also known as the Indian classical dance. She started dancing since she was 3 years old and is still dancing till this very day. She and her 2 other sisters dance together and are known as the Nadarajan Sisters. Once, they were required to dance for 5 hours non-stop before they could graduate and perform professionally. That itself speaks volumes about their love for dancing.

Thank you for teaching me more about your dance culture and also for letting me have the honor of watching you ladies perform!