Stephanus + Cassandra

And if it takes me a lifetime
I swear, I’ll tear down every wall
Love conquers all

As Deep Purple best put it in their rendition of “Love conquers all”, one will tear down every wall to be with his better half. That was what Stephanus did, he left Chicago – his home for the past 14 years – for Singapore just to be with Cassandra.

At the age of 15 (fun-fact: their birthdays are just 6 days apart), they met at a Church in Singapore and were also in the same youth and prayer group. Their friendship grew steadily but it came to a halt when Stephanus had to move to the States for college studies three years later. They remained as friends and kept in touch occasionally through Facebook. In God's will, their friendship continued where it last left off despite being 9,000 miles apart, for the next 10 years.

In 2011, Stephanus invited Cassandra to come visit him in Chicago. It was a trip that changed their lives. It was at Niagara Falls that they realised the bond that they share was more than just mere friendship. It was a timeless love that had been carefully and patiently growing, unbeknownst to them. They began a long-distance relationship and it took a toll on them as they were not able to celebrate most festive celebrations and birthdays as a couple. Skype was their go-to-buddy to bridge the gap. However, their unwavering love for each other stood against the test of time and Stephanus affirmed it by proposing to Cassandra 2 years later.

16 years in the making, this is their story.

Video thumbnail credit: Olivia Leigh