Riaz + Zareen

Riaz and Zareen's wedding took place over 4 days consecutively as it involves many cultural processions and celebrations. 

During the 1st day, we had prayers at Burhani Masjid, where the ladies were on the second floor to witness the procession carried out by the lads.

Once the procession was over, everyone moved to the designated area for their meals.

Day 2

The second day of the wedding was a small and intimate one with more of Zareen's family members participating in this wedding. As Zareen's family is more prone to the entertainment industry, Riaz was in for a treat with special performances such as singing and dancing. Zareen also had something prepared for Riaz!

Day 3

The third day of the wedding was much more formal than compared to the previous days. It was held at the Singapore Island Country Club and this time round, more of Riaz's family members and friends attended this wedding celebration as well as putting up performances.

Day 4

The last stop of the wedding celebration was held at the Singapore Flyer. Where many of Riaz and Zareen's friends and families attended. Again, there were many spectacular performances from Zareen's family. Alas, the celebration came to an end. Everyone had such a fun time and it was definitely a memorable experience for me.