Waitat + Felicia

Waitat and Felicia has known each other for more than 10 years. Their enduring relationship began back in their secondary school days, he was her senior of 3 years. Being the school's belle, Waitat swooned over Felicia silently.

In the subsequent years, they remained as acquaintance. But Waitat remained secretly attracted to Felicia, and he never gave up hope of one day becoming her significant other. Surprisingly, it was during his Army days that they reconnected years after graduating from school. Amidst all the exhausting and stressful training, Waitat continued to woo Felicia with effort and determination. Seeing his unwavering love and support, she finally accepted him to be her boyfriend.

Fast forward to present day, they are officially Husband and Wife. Being proactive in the wedding preparations, Felicia planned the layout of the table and decor of the ballroom. Together with her sister, they painstakingly crafted the petal carpet used for the march in. Her efforts paid off as the carpet seamed perfectly with the decor, and became the centrepiece of interior.

To find a lifetime partner whom can complement each other is not an easy task, Waitat and Felicia are blessed to have found each other.