passion for storytelling

Cameras don't tell stories. People do.

Great imagery to us, not only means having the right gear and experience but also, being in the right place and moment to capture the emotions in the most natural and unobtrusive way. 

“A picture should speak to you without you knowing anything about why it was done.” - Bruce Gilden

shoot & share

For a long time, there was only one way for photographers & videographers to run their businesses and in the last decade we have all seen clients desire the freedom to enjoy and share their collections in many new ways. 

Shoot & Share is an approach that enables photographers & videographers to focus on their artistic craft while giving clients the freedom to relive their memories the way they want. Your high-resolution photos are all uploaded onto a beautiful online gallery (10 years cloud storage!) so that you can quickly view, share or download them with ease.

We embrace technology and hope to redefine the way you look at your collection. It's time to break up with the dvds.

True on screen and in print

Our unique post-processing methodology are calibrated with our workstation and printing outlet, this will ensure that your images look consistently beautiful in all smart devices or on the good ol' frame.

For conceptualised videos be it commercial or wedding, all the clips are colour-corrected & graded for an immersive experience on your big screen.

image by image edit

No shortcuts. No batch-processing. Every image has different characteristics and requires special care to make them look their best. All photos are painstakingly touched up individually by our Principal Photographer, Cino.

Sound is king

A wise man once said, “Without professional audio, a film is rubbish”. We couldn't agree more.

At 50nfifty Productions, we place a huge emphasis on audio and practice a 3-platform recording with the ambient sounds at the location, so that we will always have the other two as backup if any device failure occurs.


Creativity is a very big part of what we stand for and piracy is everything that is not. We pride ourselves in being able to advocate these core values on our part; from usage of licensed music to official editing softwares.