Once in a while, the team at 50nfifty feels thirsty for experimentation,
an itch for mischievous antics, but mostly, a yearning to fulfil our curiosity.
There is a fine line between Craft and Art. 
Craft is what we are expected to know; art is the unexpected use of our craft.

We believe that there is always more to learn and improve on. Both in our craft, as well as our creativity.
As such, we dabble in projects that intrigue us. Experimentation is what we enjoy.

We aren't afraid to say that many of these experiments failed terribly. However, we learned so much along the way. Sometimes, the stupidest idea could take us to a place we would never imagine.

Like the saying goes,  "It's not an experiment, if you know it's going to work."


Ninja fruit

Let's cut thing up nicely.


See how we capture the year of rooster 2017!


iPhone 7 PLUS 

Our attempt at recreating the rose gold iPhone 7 Plus product shots. 


marvel's dr strange 

Marvel fanatics like us couldn't help but have a little fun being Dr Strange!


等, 团圆

Have you gone back home for reunion yet?



Having a little fun on a holiday trip to Bangkok!


Man's Best Friend

It's time for these adorable dogs to be on camera!