等, 团圆

This project was completed within 2 weeks from start to finish. The planning, casting, filming and editing done in time for the day where Chinese have their yearly reunion dinner.

It was like a mini challenge for us to execute our idea within the short span of time and we were glad to have been able to bring our idea to fruition.

Reunion dinner, a time and place where every single person who is a Chinese should come home to their families and simply sit down to have a meal together. However, in this day and age, where everyone is ironically connected online but disconnect in reality, people have begun to forget the importance of spending time with their families. Many place the commitments of work and other relationships above family time while others simply feel that there isn't enough time. The need to keep up in the rat race for status or monetary values has long replaced the priority and need for family reunions. Of course, this does not apply to everyone out there but a majority of you would have to agree.

This story depicts an ordinary housewife and a mother, who is looking forward to have a yearly reunion dinner with her children. How will the story progress? Do scroll on to watch the video.

Casting, logistics, scripting and directing were done by Priscilla Lim, from Chapalang and Co. As for the shooting and editing of the video, we were in charge. The story is based off on a true encounter that Cino, from 50nfifty Productions, has once witnessed and as such, wanted to show how it felt in his own interpretation.

We would also like to thank 2 vendors for kindly sponsoring us their amazing services.
Thank you Mouth Restaurant for sponsoring the dishes for the reunion dinner.
And Makeup Maestro for their hairstyling and makeup.

All in all, we sincerely hope that everyone will take time off to spend with their families and also cherish every moment spent together not just on the day of the reunion dinner.