Sometimes we wonder if it is necessary to have an excessive amount of images for engagement portraiture that makes the subjects run around for one full day and getting images that might not be appealing. Moreover many subjects would like to have a portraiture that would set them apart from the norm. But honestly, how many of them are truly exclusive ?

Traditionally, couples would meet up at the designated locations with a few sets of outfit and capture as many beautiful images as possible within the agreed number of hours. They are also not sure what and which images to choose as hidden fees might be incurred.

What if couples could have a look and feel of the engagement portraiture before shooting and knowing where to stand and pose on the day of shoot ? Wouldn’t that be great to achieve exceptional photos with a less energy-consuming photoshoot ?

So we challenged ourselves to create a series of enticing images, by exploring it with the subjects and having the ideas on the same page.




There is a saying “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” We couldn’t agree more on this. When we know what the couples are looking for we start to plan by piecing up the moodboard which we will be updating the couple concurrently. This goes without saying, we have to experiment and explore it on the ground while planning the shot list.


A picture is worth a thousand words, and that is where we will meet up the couple and show them the 8 images we have executed. However, if they aren’t satisfied with the initial proposed visual of the images, we could either do a 2nd meet up or refund the deposit.


Everyone should have their own style, a style that represents you but at the same time identifiable. And yes, we will have to go through your wardrobe, hair and also the make up before commencing the photoshoot. Sorry but everything is of importance to us.


Before the day of photoshoot, couples would know how they are supposed to stand and get their poses done so as to not tire them out but to also get beautiful images. Make-up artist and set assistant will be there to assist the clients apparels as well as their logistics.

Your engagement photo should be irrevocably and unapologetically a representation of you, so give it a compliment.

If you would like to create A beautiful set of images, do not hesitate to contact us.

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